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Planning Your Estate

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Planning Process & The Role of Advisors
  3. Planning for Life's Inevitables
  4. Planning for Retirement
  5. Social Security
  6. Life Insurance: What to Look For
  7. Legal Planning for Incapacity: The Durable Power of Attorney
  8. Personal and Financial Aspects of Disability: Qualifying for Public Assistance
  9. Disability Insurance: What to Look For
  10. Medical Care Instructions to Your Doctors and Family: Instructions about Human Remains
  11. Community Property
  12. Trusts: An Introduction
  13. What to Expect from a Trustee
  14. Do You Have a Will Appropriate for Current Circumstances
  15. Probate in the State of Washington
  16. Living Trusts and Other Transfers of Property that Avoid Probate
  17. Tax on Lifetime Gifts
  18. A Cost of Dying: Estate Taxes
  19. Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax
  20. How Complicated Does Your Will Need to Be?
  21. Income Tax Consequences at Death
  22. Educational Expenses: Planning for College
  23. Planning for the Owner of a Closely-Held Business
  24. Preserving Family Wealth: Tax Free Transfer of Future Appreciation
  25. Planning Opportunities With Charitable Gifts


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