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Council Documents

File Name Date Added
Publication Order Form 2016 11/20/2016
Council Bylaws 11/20/2016
EPC Seattle Mission Statement 11/20/2016

Dinner Meeting Handouts

File Name Date Added
Dec 2016- Legacy Letters 01/13/2017
February 2017 Dinner Meeting 02/16/2017
September 2016 Dinner Presentation 11/20/2016
May 2016-Working with Vulnerable Adults 01/13/2017
Avoid Life Insurance Landmines- Feb 2016 11/20/2016


File Name Date Added
February 2017 E-Newsletter 03/08/2017
December 2016 Newsletter 11/20/2016
September 2016 Newsletter 11/20/2016

Estate Planning Articles

File Name Date Added
Linking Lifetime and Legacy Giving By Susan L. Peterson 03/08/2017
Have You Forgotten Something? Don’t Overlook These Assets When Planning Your Estate By J. William (B 03/08/2017
Avoiding lurking litigation with proper estate planning By Anna M. Cashman and Tiffany R. Gorton 03/08/2017
Why even young adults need powers of attorney documents By Sandy Cairns 03/08/2017
Estate Planning for your Business By Sarah Bowman 03/08/2017
Estate planning for unmarried couples By A. Paul Firuz 03/08/2017
Leaving Retirement Plans to Heirs By Christopher Hardman 03/08/2017
The Estate Planning League 01/16/2017
Succession Planning for Business Owners 01/16/2017
Portability-A New Estate Planning Tool 01/16/2017
How to Use Your Retirment savings for Charitable Giving 01/16/2017
Estate Planning is more than just a will 01/16/2017

Estate Planning Publications

File Name Date Added
Guide to Estate Planning, 6th Edition 03/17/2017
Dealing with Death of a Loved One 03/17/2017
The Fiduciary Handbook,3rd Edition 03/17/2017


File Name Date Added
2016 Dues Invoice 11/20/2016
Membership Application 11/20/2016

Webinar Handouts

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Dec 2016 Webinar- Top 10 Estate Planning &Estate; Tax Developments 02/09/2017
June 2016 Webinar 11/20/2016
August 2016 Webinar 11/20/2016
September 2016 Webinar 11/20/2016
October 2016 Webinar 11/20/2016
January 2017 Webinar-DOL Fiduciary 02/09/2017
February 8, 2017 Webinar 02/09/2017
March 8, 2017 Webinar 03/08/2017