Message from the President


Hello Council members – Thank you to those of you that attended our recent quarterly dinner.  A special thank you to Christine Benson, John Gardner and Sharon Perlin for participating on the panel and Matt Tilghman-Hayes for leading the charge.  I hope that you found this discussion informative and useful to your practices.


Thank for you to those members that have already answered the call to submit an article for publication to the Puget Sound Journal.  Those volunteers will hear more in January.  We are looking to revamp the estate planning publications, “Dealing with a Loved one”, “Estate Planning Guide” and “The Fiduciary Handbook”.  We are looking for at least 4 volunteers to help put all this together.  Our Social Media expert will be working with you and guiding this project.  We hope to have this project completed in a year.  If you are interested and willing to make this commitment, please let me know. 


Since our quarterly meetings are held at the WAC and in person, we hope this will make it easier for members to attend. As a reminder, you should attend at least 2 Please quarterly dinner meetings per year to remain in good standing.  We hope that you will be able to attend our next quarterly dinners in February and May.  If there are specific topics you wish to hear more about, please let council leadership or Jenna know.  We are always open to take your suggestions. 


Lastly, on behalf of the Estate Planning council leadership, I wish you all a very happy holiday with your family.  I hope that 2024 will be better and brighter for us all. 



Debra Smiley 

EPC Seattle President 2023-2024